Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Frog's Collective Action Toolkit

FastCompany wrote an article about Frog's Creative Action Toolkit that was very focused on empowering communities to solve problems via design thinking. Frog's own page about this toolkit also uses language focused around these communities, but it's not a far leap to see how this can apply to business. (Not that business is a more "worthy" recipient of these tools -- not by any means -- but by their very nature, businesses are able to affect change for the better beyond themselves.)

A quick aside -- I noticed that in business, we tend to skip over the "Build" activities to go straight to "Seek," "Imagine," or "Plan" -- but it was a good reminder that sometimes, we don't know who or what we have at the table. How might we leverage each unique skill or perspective to broaden our thinking? What do we leave behind when we assume we know what we can or can't do?

Download the toolkit at Frog's page for it.

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